Modular Power Series (48/24 VDC)

The ICT Modular Power Series provides N+1 redundancy with 700-watts or 1500-watts hot-swappable DC power modules, providing up to 6,000 watts available in 48- or 24-volt output models.  Optional factory-installed modules can be selected to provide TCP/IP monitoring and control, advanced battery management features, battery breakers, low voltage disconnects, and four-position breaker-protected power distribution including load current monitoring and remote power cycling over Ethernet.


  • Hot-swappable 700-watts or 1500-watts power modules available in 48- and 24-volt outputs provides up to 6,000 watts of output power
  • TCP/IP Ethernet communications for full monitoring and control capabilities
  • Network security protocols include HTTPS, TLS 1.2, SNMPv1/2/3
  • Optional Battery Management Module and Load Distribution Module
  • Battery management features include state of charge, runtime remaining, equalization charging and battery discharge testing with built-in adjustable low voltage disconnect
  • Load distribution module with four fully managed outputs (additional modules can be added)
  • Support for lead-acid and lithium-ion battery types
  • Alarm reporting via text or email notification
  • Two-year warranty


  • Configurable DC power system provides flexibility and scalability to meet application requirements
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by reducing site visits and maintenance costs due to remote monitoring and control functionality
  • Improve the quality of service and uptime of your network by quickly resolving power issues remotely
  • User-scheduled battery testing proactively alerts users when a connected backup battery is not holding charge
  • Real-time reporting on battery state of charge, battery run-time remaining, and battery voltage levels
  • Remotely monitor and toggle power to individually connected load devices utilizing load distribution module
  • All connection points are external, allowing for quick and easy installation
  • No additional software required as monitoring and control is provided via an onboard web-baser server


AC Input
Nominal Input Voltage 120/240VAC
Input Voltage Range 100-300VAC
Power Factor (typical) 0.99
Frequency 50/60Hz

1,500W Power Modules

Model Number ICT1500-48PM ICT1500-24PM
Nominal Voltage 48 24
Output Voltage Range (adjustable) 46.0 – 62.0 VDC 23.0 -31.0 VDC
Output Current per Module (230VAC nom.) 27A 54A
Output Current per Module (115VAC nom.) 16A 32A
Power Factor 0.99 typ. 0.99 typ.
Efficiency (typical) 95% 94%
Output Ripple (rms) 60mV 40mV

700W Power Modules

Model Number ICT700-48PM ICT700-24PM
Nominal Voltage 48 24
Output Voltage Range (adjustable) 46.0 – 62.0 VDC 23.0 -31.0 VDC
Output Current per Module 12.5A 25A
Power Factor 0.99 typ. 0.99 typ.
Efficiency (typical) 93% 91%
Output Ripple (rms) 60mV 30mV
AC Input Connector Terminal Block, #8 – # 16 AWG
DC Output Connector Busbars with 1/4-20 x 7/8″ bolts
Remote Alarm Connectors Terminal Block (#16 – 24 AWG)
Mounting 1RU, 19 in. rack mount
Weight (Power Shelf Empty) 8.1 lbs / 3.7 kg
Weight (power Shelf + 4 Modules) 18.5 lbs/ 8.4 kg
Dimensions – H x W x L 1.74 x 19.0 x 15.7 in.

44 x 483 x 398 mm

Operating Temperature Range -30° to +60° C
Output Derating 2% /° C (above 50° C)
Storage Temperature -45° to +85° C
Safety EN 60950-1
Emissions EMC compliance with FCC Part 15, Class B, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, RoHS, CE
Remote Communications TCP/IP – RJ45 Ethernet connector on rear
I.P. Protocols 10/100 BASE-T, HTTPS, HTML, SNMP
Battery Circuit Breaker Single or Dual 100A
Low Voltage Disconnect 150A contactor
Battery Terminal Busbar with 3/8″ bolt
Two year warranty

48/24 VDC Modular Power Series Data Sheet


1500 Watt DC Power Module Data Sheet


48/24 VDC Modular Power Series Manual (For HW Ver .03)



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