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Energy Manager Series
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Lithium-ion Battery Support
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DC Power Solutions For Land Mobile Radio
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DC Power Systems

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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters

DC Power Converters

Accessories and Radio Covers

Remote Power Management

Our Intelligent DC products with Ethernet utilize built-in web servers, easy to use graphical user interfaces, and HTML or SNMP protocols to make DC power management over your network seamless. Click on the link below to experience for yourself.


The DC Power Leader for Remote Monitoring and Control at Wireless Communication Sites

Innovative DC Power Products

Our broad range of DC power conversion products cover a wide range of voltage and load requirements. Thoughtful design and ease of installation helps save you time and money.

Intelligent DC Power Solutions

Intelligent DC power monitoring and control over Ethernet allows you to monitor your sites and take action without a truck roll. Intuitive, secure and easy to use graphical interfaces make set-up and use extremely easy.

High Reliability

Our products are designed specifically for the mission critical needs of our customers, providing low cost of ownership and increased network uptime.

Domestic Design and Manufacturing

Our design, manufacturing, and technical support functions are all performed from our North American headquarters, providing you with timely and consistent availability of products, service and technical support.

See Innovative Circuit Technology in Action


Wireless Connections

Wireless Broadband Network Designer and Integrator Adds Remote Network Power Management Capabilities



Alberta’s Largest Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider Utilizes ICT’s Battery Charger/Power Supply for Wireless Broadband Network


SED Systems

Selects ICT’s Hot-Swap DC Power System to Provide Specialized Power for Satellite Communication Systems


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