Published On: June 2nd, 2022 | Categories: News |

ICT is releasing a new, enhanced version of our single-bus, 12-output, fuse DC distribution panel to its Distribution Series 2 family of intelligent DC distribution panels. This new model replaces the ICT180S-12IRC model.

The 1RU, 180-amp, single-bus, fuse DC distribution panel is designed for 12- and 24-volt DC installations and supports 180 amps peak / 150 amps continuous system current. The DC panel
provides 12 fuse-protected outputs – nine ATO-fuse outputs rated to 25 amps each, and three J-CASE-fuse outputs rated to 40 amps each. Included are five digital input contacts for site
monitoring sensors, such as door, smoke, and fire alarms.

Enhanced features include a new processor for enhanced security features, including TLS1.2 support, full SNMP control via new MIB files, a user session logout feature, and enhanced network
watchdog functionality.

Effective immediately, the new enhanced ICT180SE-12IRC model replaces the previous ICT180S-12IRC model.

For more information, visit Or call your ICT power specialist toll free at 1-800-877-0717 (NA only) or at +1 604 856 6303.