Published On: June 7th, 2024 | Categories: News |

Intelligent DC Load Distribution Panel with 12 Controllable 50-Amp Outputs Reduces Network Energy Consumption

Increased network speeds and performance provided by 5G networks often result in higher energy consumption throughout the network, as power consumption for individual network devices increases.  For many network operators, reducing energy consumption is an important factor in reducing operating costs and the impact to the environment.

The ENERGY MANAGER SERIES from ICT is an intelligent, 2RU, 300-amp, dual-feed DC distribution panel for negative 48-volt DC applications, providing remote monitoring and on/off power control of up to 12 individual 50-amp outputs. Each bus is rated at 150 amps and provides six outputs. The integrated TCP/IP controller and web server interface provides a secure, easy-to-use graphical user interface for remote management and power control of both system and individual outputs, with alarm reporting. SNMPv3 is supported for use with Network Management Systems. Firmware can be updated remotely over Ethernet.


    • •Disable power to connected DC network devices during network off-peak times, reducing energy consumption, operating expenses, and environmental impact.
    • •Extend battery backup times by automatically load shedding non-critical devices.
    • •Reduce battery backup capacity requirements by offloading non-critical loads, saving rack space and upfront capital costs.
    • •Utilize SNMP with Network Management Systems to fully monitor and automate power conditions based on user-defined criteria.