Published On: June 17th, 2024 | Categories: News |
ICT Enhances Integration with Lithium-Ion Batteries for Superior Monitoring and Flexibility

With the increasing popularity of lithium-ion batteries in communication networks, there is a growing need for users to access detailed information on battery status. Typically, this requires a dedicated connection to the battery’s built-in Battery Management System (BMS), often necessitating specialized software to read and present the data.

ICT has addressed this by further expanding integration between its DC power systems and lithium-ion batteries, adding additional battery reporting including battery State of Charge and Run-Time Remaining estimates. These battery metrics are reported directly by the ICT DC power system and can be read on the ICT graphical user interface (GUI), or by using SNMP with your network management system software. There is no need for a separate, dedicated connection to the BMS to obtain this data.

Using the buil!t-in web-based GUI or front-panel display and keypad, users can select either lead acid or lithium-ion battery types. Users should verify the battery manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the correct parameters are set.

These new reporting features are available with ICT’s Modular Power Series, MPS Ultra, Hybrid Power Series, Hybrid Ultra, and Platinum Series intelligent DC power systems. To add these new features, simply visit ICT’s web site, determine whether your ICT hardware revision is supported, and download the new firmware.