Communications - Basic Setup

Power System Device Info
Device Name:
Model:ICT-IPS (Modular Power Series 48V)
Hardware:Version 04

Date and Time Settings
Current System Time:09/22/23 11:27:20
Synchronize with NTP Server:
NTP Server:
Time Zone:
Set Time Manually:
      Date (MM/DD/YY): / /
      Time (HH:MM:SS): : :

Network Watchdog
Watchdog Enabled:
Primary IP Address:
Secondary IP Address:
Watchdog Timeout: minute(s)(1 - 80)
Reset Target:

If "LDM Channel Outputs" is selected as the Reset Target, all Load Distribution Module channels
with the "Enable Power Cycling" option enabled will be cycled when the Network Watchdog times out.

Data Logging
Data Logging:
Log Start Date:08/23/23 12:30:10
Clear Log Now: