• DIN Series Power Supply

    The DIN Series Power Supply Unit from ICT is a DIN-rail mount, 360-watt DC power supply with integrated battery charging with LVD, designed to be used in 24- or 48-volt DC applications.
    • 360 watts of output power
    • 24- or +/-48-volt DC output
    • DIN-rail mount form factor
  • Platinum Series

    New high performance, high efficiency DC power supply with standard Ethernet communications and available advanced battery backup for critical communications applications
    • 800 or 1600 watts of output power
    • 12, 24 or +/- 48 VDC output
    • 90 - 93% efficiency over a broad power range
    • Universal power factor corrected AC input
  • Pro Series

    Cost effective performance and high efficiency for wireless communications applications
    • 690 or 1190 watts of output power
    • 12-, 24- or +/- 48-volt DC output
    • Optional battery backup with low voltage disconnect and adjustable charge current limit
    • Universal power factor corrected input
  • Comm Series

    Next Generation desktop power supplies feature better value, less models, and standard chassis sizes to simplify the ordering and deployment of mobile LMR base stations
    • 12- or 24-volts DC output
    • 12-, 20- or 30-amp models (12 volt)
    • 10- and 15-amp models (24 volt)
    • 20-amp battery backup model with independent battery charging terminals
  • Chassis Mount Series

    High efficiency DC power supply with power factor corrected AC input for embedded mounting in enclosures and cabinets
    • Adjustable output voltage range
    • Battery backup charging terminals
    • Universal power factor corrected AC input
  • Backup Series

    The Backup Series desktop DC UPS from ICT is designed and manufactured in North America for high quality, reliability, and assured delivery
    • 120 VAC input
    • 12-volt, 20-amp power supply with integrated charger and 14.4 ampere-hour battery
    • User-accessible battery fuse
    • Zero transfer time when AC power is disrupted
  • IntelliCharge Series

    High efficiency, power factor corrected DC power supply and battery charger in 12, 24 and 48 volts DC
    • 360 watts of output power
    • 12-, 24- or +/- 48-volt DC output
    • Intelligent three-stage battery charging
    • Independently regulated battery charging terminals


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