• Next Generation Radio Covers

    Custom radio covers designed for the next generation of ICT Comm Series desktop power supplies
  • Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers

    ICT snap in circuit breakers are designed to provide reliable, long lasting service where high voltage and current handling are required
  • Rack Mount Trays

    1 OR 2RU 19 inch rack mount trays for various ICT products
  • N+1 Isolation Module

    For safe parallel connections of two DC power supplies to create an N+1 fault-tolerant redundant power system
  • Noise Filters

    Filter out differential and common mode noise in industrial equipment and vehicle electrical systems
  • 23 to 19 Inch 1RU Rack Adapter Kit

    The ICT 2319 rack adapter kit allows ICT 1RU 19 inch rack mount products to be mounted in a 23 inch equipment rack.
  • DIN Rail Adapter Kit

    The ICT-DIN rail adapter kit allows ICT equipment to be mounted on standard DIN rails where installation requiring DIN rail mounting is required.