• Distribution Series 3 10/10 GMT Fuse Panel

    The Distribution Series 3 10/10 GMT fuse panel from ICT is a dual-bus DC distribution panel designed to be used in 24- and/or 48-volt DC applications.
  • ICT Backup Series

    Desktop DC UPS provides backup power for land mobile radios
  • Platinum Series

    New high performance, high efficiency DC power supply with standard Ethernet communications and available advanced battery backup for critical communications applications
  • Next Generation Radio Covers

    Custom radio covers designed for the next generation of ICT Comm Series desktop power supplies
  • MPS Ultra DC Power System

    The ICT MPS Ultra DC power system provides hot swappable, N+1 redundancy for 48, 24 and 12 volt DC power requirements up to 5.6KW. Preconfigured at the factory to provide fast, easy installation at the site.
  • Modular Power Series 12 VDC

    DC power system with up to four 12 volt DC 700 watt hot swappable power modules and available Ethernet, advanced battery management features and load distribution module with remote power control
  • Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers

    ICT snap in circuit breakers are designed to provide reliable, long lasting service where high voltage and current handling are required
  • Rack Mount Trays

    1 OR 2RU 19 inch rack mount trays for various ICT products
  • N+1 Isolation Module

    For safe parallel connections of two DC power supplies to create an N+1 fault-tolerant redundant power system