IntelliCharge Series

Product Information

The ICT IntelliCharge Series is a high efficiency, power factor corrected DC power supply and battery charger that allows the battery charge to be regulated independently from the DC outputs, meaning that the battery will always receive the optimal charging current without the load being affected. Available with optional OLED high resolution display and 1RU 19 inch rack mounting kit. Temperature compensated charging is supported with the optional battery temp sensor.

Feature Highlights

  • Wide-ranging power factor corrected AC input
  • 12, 24 and 48 volt DC models with 180 or 360 watts of power
  • 90 to 93% efficiency
  • Independently regulated battery backup charging terminals
  • Intelligent three-stage battery charging
  • Internal low voltage disconnect
  • User selectable flooded, AGM and gel battery types
  • User definable bulk charge current setting
  • Temperature compensated charging
  • Optional 1RU rack mount kit
  • Optional high resolution OLED display
  • Form C alarm contacts
  • 2 year warranty