InfoWest Chooses ICT DC Power Solutions for their Wireless Broadband Towers



Utah, United States
Business Need

Seeking a dependable solution to remotely monitor and manage DC-powered equipment, including status/alarm reporting and power cycling locked devices, eliminating the need for on-site visits.


ICT DC power systems contributed to better reliability and reduced operating costs reinforcing InfoWest’s network performance and ensuring consistent service continuity even during challenging circumstances.

Business Benefits

Lowered operating expenses

Complete monitoring and control of power conditions of their connected devices

Increased network reliability

InfoWest relies on ICT solutions for redundant, monitored DC power at their fiber sites, enhancing their network’s resilience.

Business Challenge

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, high-speed internet, also known as broadband, has become indispensable. With the shift to remote work, streaming services gaining popularity, and increased reliance on remote education and healthcare, the demand for robust internet connectivity has surged.

InfoWest, an internet service provider (ISP), caters to the Utah area, delivering fast and dependable broadband through their fiber and fixed wireless networks. Like most ISPs, InfoWest is committed to ensuring their customers receive reliable and consistent internet service.

Despite meticulous network designs, issues affecting internet connectivity can arise due to environmental factors, power disruptions, or device malfunctions within broadband networks, affecting performance and service quality. To address these challenges, InfoWest opted to upgrade their network’s power infrastructure. Previously relying on AC uninterruptible power supplies (AC UPS), which offer limited backup, they sought a more robust DC power plant solution to enhance power monitoring, redundancy, and response capabilities across their network.

“In the past, we encountered frequent AC UPS failures, but now, thanks to improved DC power infrastructure from ICT, our reliability has significantly increased.”
– Cody Anderson, InfoWest

Business Solution

At their communication sites, InfoWest implemented ICT’s Modular Power Series and DIN Series DC power systems, seamlessly replacing their previous AC setups. The UPS replacement was initially selected for the tower sites due to its remote capabilities and enhanced reliability compared to the existing UPS, effectively resolving the issues they were encountering while also demanding less power. Due to the success of using the Modular Power Series at their tower sites, they adopted the ICT DIN-rail DC power supply and distribution solution for their micro sites, bringing remote management, power control, and enhanced reliability to these sites. The DIN Series solution, with its nearly identical software setup as ICT’s Modular Power Series, avoided unnecessary additional training, creating cost savings.

Moreover, these systems come with SNMP support, seamlessly integrating with InfoWest’s network management system. This feature significantly enhances their ability to track, manage, and diagnose power conditions efficiently. With an easy-to-plug-in design and simplified adjustments, installation and customization are streamlined, ensuring minimal disruptions to operations.

Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity empowers InfoWest to comprehensively monitor various power conditions, including AC input voltage, battery status, remaining runtime, state of charge, and individual load currents for every network device. Beyond monitoring capabilities, the system provides control over power, enabling targeted shutdowns or power cycling for specific devices. Furthermore, locked-up network devices can be remotely reset without necessitating physical site visits.

These advancements collectively contribute to better reliability and reduced operating costs reinforcing InfoWest’s network performance and ensuring consistent service continuity even during challenging circumstances.

“The ICT DIN Series Power Distribution Unit was easy to use and pair, while offering the
same functionality as larger power distribution units.”
– Cody Anderson, InfoWest

Business Outcome / Benefits

For InfoWest, the benefits to this approach are:

  • Lowered operating expenses by minimizing physical site visits needed for issue resolution, resulting in faster problem-solving and enhanced network uptime.

  • Complete monitoring and email-based alarm reporting offer reassurance, providing continuous network power availability.

  • ICT’s intelligent product platforms utilize a similar graphical user interface, minimizing the need for extensive training, resulting in cost savings.

  • The flexibility and modularity of ICT’s DC Power Solutions empower InfoWest to tailor configurations based on specific site power requirements.

  • Prompt alarm notifications ensure quick intervention for issue resolution, bolstering network power and device

About InfoWest

InfoWest has been a leader in Utah’s Internet service industry specializing in providing reliable, cost-effective, high-speed Internet connections. By utilizing and implementing the latest wireless technologies, InfoWest can connect customers in remote locations to affordable, high-speed Internet services where traditional wireline (DSL, cable) providers cannot. InfoWest currently offers Wireless Broadband and Fiber-Optic Internet services to residents and businesses throughout Utah, and select areas of Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. In addition to Internet service, InfoWest also provides VoIP (Voice Over IP Phone Service), TV, security and surveillance, IoT automation (Internet of Things), and a range of small business services. Headquartered in St. George, Utah, InfoWest continues to expand its network footprint, coverage, and reliability to allow better access to faster speeds for thousands of customers.

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About ICT

ICT is a leading manufacturer of power conversion products for land mobile radio, fixed wireless broadband and industrial power markets. ICT’s power solutions help improve uptime, reliability and quality of service, reduce operating costs, and provide remote power monitoring and management of connected loads over Ethernet, often reducing unnecessary visits to remote sites.