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Benefits of ICT remote power management over Ethernet

At ICT we design highly reliable, efficient DC power products. Our focus is on monitoring and managing DC power over an Ethernet link that can allow you to avoid unnecessary site visits through remote I.P. monitoring and control of your DC power systems and connected loads. Our technology allows you to receive email alarms from your sites, and in many cases, a problem can be solved by power cycling or powering down the affected device until a maintenance visit is scheduled.

Our Intelligent Power managed DC products with Ethernet utilize built-in web servers, easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, and HTML or SNMP protocols to make management over your network seamless. There is no software to maintain, and firmware can be upgraded over Ethernet.

Being able to monitor your critical DC loads such as radios, repeaters, switches, and routers, and power cycle them remotely with the click of a mouse, can increase your quality of service, reduce operating costs, and provide site management peace of mind.

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